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eBiz Guides Launches Salone Guidebook.

The eBiz guides on Sunday launched the Premier eBiz Guidebook for business globetrotters at the Country Lodge to help business people and institutions to do business easily in the country.

Launching the book, the Minister of Trade and Industry Frederick Carew said it was a commendable effort for eBiz Guides to have succeeded in producing such a book that will help business institutions in investing in the country.

He said Sierra Leone is a safe place to do business and such a book will help to speed up investment in the country. He said his ministry has been making tremendous effort to improve doing business in the country as well as rebranding the country.

He thanked the business for such innovations and hoped that from time to time it will be updated.

The Credit Control Director of eBiz Guides Ingrid Kunkova in her remarks said they have a track record of nine years publishing guidebooks for businessmen interested to invest in developing and emerging markets.

“We first focused on the African continent because we felt Africa would most benefit from having a comprehensive business guidebook collection, given on the one hand that information for business opportunities are scarce, while on the other hand people tend to look at Africa only as a continent plagued by corruption, famine, war, etc”, she said.

Ingrid said they aim to portray Africa’s enormous diversity and opportunities both at the economical and cultural level to change this perception, of business institutions.

“So far, eBiz Guides has 28 titles of guidebooks on African countries including Algeria, Sudan, Mauritius, Libya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt, Syria and Kenya, among others, as well as in European countries”, she averred. 

The guide has approximately 250 pages of content, with aims of all to underline existing investment opportunities in the country. The business success story and tourism potential of the country is provided by the information in the book to ensure that those visiting the country with business intentions have access to the proper tools and resources to prospect or install themselves with utmost efficiency.

She said “within our nine years of existence, our distribution market has grown enormously. It consists of 30% of local Sales, 70% international sales. I am proud to disclose that out of this number 30 % is in Africa, 45% in Europe, 15% Middle East, and 10% United States with distribution in China expected to commence within the next 2 years.

She said they are targeting the business travellers including executive directors, directors of marketing, private consultants, import and export directors, governments, public and private instiututions and embassies. The eBiz guides is a marketing tool used by many government and institutions to portray their country image abroad or to foreign partners.

“The business philosophy of eBiz guides is rooted in the firm belief that long-term beneficial investments depend largely with the market you fall in love with in this era of globalization”, She said.

Ingrid Kunkova said the book is not free and the cost is Le108,000 or $27. She encouraged all to buy and said they will, be available in strategic places in the city so that everybody that is interested will have a chance to grab a copy.

Also present was the deputy Information Minister Saidata Sesay who was the Chairperson of the programme. The Chamber of Commerce president Tunde Cole of National Petroleum, Mr Jalloh, Director of Culture who deputized the Tourism Minister and a host of other dignitaries graced the occasion.


from the left
Jalloh Foday - Director of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 
Haja Saidata Sesay - Deputy Information and Communication Minister,
David O. Carew - Minister of Trade and Industry
Mohamed Babatunde Cole - President of Chamber of Commerce
Sylvester Osmond Hanciles - Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation

from Left
MOhamed Borbor Mansaray - Spokesman of Ministry of Water and Energy Resources
Abdulai Bayraytay - PA to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Spokesman


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