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Introducing our brand new website!

Madrid, May 1st, 2006 - eBiz Guides, as the premier website for business globetrotters, is proud to announce the opening of its brand new website. Within this new renovated site, investors, businessmen and tourists in general will find all they need to know to do business and have fun. Made with our slogan in mind “The premier website for business globetrotters”, the website focuses mainly in our business travel guides and offers many other services as added value to our visitors.

Take your time and click on the country you are interested in. Within each country you will have a complete fact file and some interesting curiosities on it, as well as lot of useful leisure entries such as hotels, restaurants and different activities to do in each country. Know more in about us and read how the most important countries' personalities rely in our guides as a way to promote their business and tourist resources. Visit our brand new online store and make your orders in a very easy way.

Let us gain your confidence as well. Click contact us if you have any request or doubt. We would be pleased to hear from you.


About eBiz Guides:

eBiz Guides are business travel guides dedicated since 1999 to provide global business travellers updated and comprehensive information not only on the country's economy but also in the cultural and leisure aspects, being the perfect companion for tourists, businessmen and potential investors. Since we started, we have been focused on working hard to own a complete collection of high quality Business Travel Guides. At the moment we are proud to have a total of eleven guides, with the African continent as the main topic, but our ambitious does not end here. We are planning to cover other continents and at the moment we are elaborating the Business Travel Guides of Zambia, Gambia and Angola.

eBiz Guides have been recognised from the start to be not only a travel guide, but much more than this. As our main vocation is to be a useful tool for business and investment people, in eBizguides you will find not only the best tourist information, but also the most prestigious and updated overview on economy, politics, finance, legal framework, industry and trade and the fact files of the 100 Top local companies. These characteristics make eBiz Guides to be considered the Best Business Travel Guides.

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