The eBiz Guides concept is the latest instrument in unlocking business opportunities within our globalized world.

We believe that you can only make long-term beneficial investments if you become immersed in the culture of the country which you are targeting.

The concept of eBiz Guides is simple. On one hand we aim to give a comprehensive outlook on the country’s economic profile, presenting its companies and giving up-to-date information and facts on its different sectors. 

On the other hand, we also give an overview of the leisure and tourism activities so that you can enjoy all the other wonderful aspects these countries have to offer.
Hence our slogan 'All you need to know for Entertainment and Business”

We hope you will use eBiz guides as your key in unlocking these exciting opportunities and to help you enjoy your time outside the board room.

We are the only company that specializes in this dual purpose guide and we are proud of the resource that we have produced for the “business globetrotter” – a person with interest in non-traditional investment markets who travels for business but also wants to enjoy their trips.

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The Ambosseli Vision

1998. Kenya. Ambosseli National Park. 9:00 p.m. It had been one of those days – a hectic, exhausting day of meetings.  Nothing had run to schedule in this new country that we knew so little about.  We had no idea how it functioned, how business etiquette varied and how working habits were different.  We were completely up against it.

At the end of a tough day in the office we decided to hire a private airplane.  Here we were, in the unspoiled lands of Ambosseli at the foot of the towering Mount Kilomanjaro surrounded by elephants.

Out of the blue Lucia, one of our team members said: “I wish there was some kind of business guide on how to do business in this country”. We all looked at her enthusiastically, when Pascal Belda answered back: “I bet there are plenty of businessmen like us who would kill for such a guide. If such a thing doesn’t exist, then I’m going to make them”.

This is how eBiz Guides were born.

Pascal Belda has specialized in feature writing for major international media for nearly fourteen years. After years of business experience in countries outside the West he realized that he needed to start a project and fill the gap he had unlocked in this market. His goal was to provide every conceivable piece of information that a businessman in a foreign land would need ranging from basic facts about the history and politics of a country to the top 100 companies and its economic complexities.

Pascal also knew first hand that businessmen are human and like to chill out and have fun when the business is done.  As well as this he wanted to showcase the great beauty and diversity that countries around the world have to offer.  The idea being business and leisure at your fingertips.  Ten years later, 29 eBiz guides have been produced.
The dream had been realized.

In 1999, eBiz Guides launched its first book on Kenya. Since then, eBiz Guides have published a comprehensive series of African guidebooks, including guides on Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Algeria, Mozambique, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Cameroon, Angola, Cote d Ivoire, Namibia, Mauritius, Morocco, Sierra Leona, Gambia and many more

2006 saw the company branch into other geographical regions, creating a new series — eBiz Guides Middle East — with guides on Egypt and Syria.
Later in 2010, eBiz also branched out into Europe with guides such as Slovakia and Georgia.  And now we have expanded into Latin America with guides on El Salvador and Ecuador.

In 2011 we launched a new series of eBiz City Guides started with the two dynamic cities of Abuja and Lagos, we intend to cover a wider range very soon.

We are committed to helping create opportunities and partnerships with companies and people in emerging and developing economies where information can be scarce and updated very infrequently.  At eBiz Guides we think outside the box and act as a bridge for businessmen to cross into unknown lands and to make the most of the wide array of investment and business opportunities out there.  We find the most up-to-date information and investigate countries with great potential for the future, all so that you don’t have to.

Our mission is to provide global business travelers, seeking opportunities worldwide, up-to-date comprehensive information on the country as well as the main sectors of the economy and at the same time to offer them the best cultural, leisure and tourism attractions in order to enjoy local attractions.

Our aim is to produce a guide that is a useful tool to any newcomer to a country. eBiz Guides intends to be an inseparable companion for businessmen and potential investors.

Ebiz Guides

General Information on the Country
  Useful Information
  Business Resources
  Medical Services
  Investment Legal Framework
  Investment Directory
  Overview of the Country Economy

Main Sectors of the Economy:
  Agriculture & Fisheries
  Energy and Mining
  Industry and Trade
  Public Services
  Public Works
  Transport and Communication
  Top 100 Companies

  City guides
  Regional Information
  Where to go, Where to Stay, What to see and do
  Top recommended itineraries
  Local vocabulary
  And much more

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